Interior House Painting in Columbus, Ohio

Painting looks easy enough, right? A bathroom or bedroom is usually relatively small and shouldn’t take more than a few hours to paint, right? Wrong! Interior painting can be one of the most frustrating DIY projects that you will ever take on. Painting is the type of project that the smaller the room, the more difficult it can be to paint. Bathrooms and small closets can be some of the worst interior painting projects to take on because of all of the intricate areas that must be painted. If you are not an experienced painter, you can find yourself spending more time taping and prepping compared to the amount of time that an Columbus painting company could paint the entire room. Sometimes it is better to leave certain projects to the professionals such as interior house painting. Home owners should focus on enjoying their downtime at home as opposed to spending an entire weekend trying to paint a few rooms only to realize that the finished product isn’t what they were looking for in the first place.

Interior Painting is All About Preparation

Most painting contractors in Columbus will tell you that preparation is the most important part of a professional paint job. When homeowners attempt an interior painting project on their own, they often cut corners and end up with a finished product which is far from stellar. At Paint 4 You, before we ever put a brush to a wall, we do the following:

  1. Fix any cracks or holes
  2. Fix any joints that need repair
  3. Fix any corner beads
  4. Sand walls for a smooth finish

As highly skilled and professional painters, we perform these preparation steps on each job that we perform. This allows us to start with a clean slate which will end up in a far superior finished product. Skipping these important steps before painting will always result in an inferior paint job.

Color is Key for Interior Painting

As is the case with exterior painting, color choice is extremely important when it comes to interior painting results. Different colors can make rooms look entirely different. It is important to understand the basics of color before completing any interior painting in your home. Our experienced staff members will be happy to sit down with you to give you a free consultation as well as to offer advice when it comes to choosing colors based on room size. Below are a few tips when it comes to choosing interior paint colors.

  1. Start with a small test area – When choosing paint colors it is best to test on a small area to ensure that the color you choose will work well in your home. Paint 4 You would be happy to paint a few test areas to help you choose interior paint colors.
  2. Mood is key – When choosing a paint color, think about the mood of the room. Do you want to feel restful, intimate or even playful? Soft colors and neutrals usually create a calming effect while warmer, bolder colors are meant to stimulate the senses.
  3. Lighting is important – Lighting can have a stark effect on paint color. Keep the following lighting tips in mind:
    • Natural light shows the truest color.
    • Incandescent light brings out yellows and warm undertones.
    • Fluorescent lights can bring out a blue tone on your walls.

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